Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Racerdogs, the TV show

I got some very exciting news this week. A few years ago the multi-media rights of my book Racerdogs were optioned. I thought nothing would ever come of it, I was wrong. As it has turned out Racerdogs will be a TV show!!! It is scheduled to be on Saturday morning this fall. I'll share details as they happen. I'm just now being brought into the process.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Whoop-Dee-Do 2

Sunny Side Up is in the kitchen of the Whoop-Dee-Do house. It's a bunch of breakfast foods who have trouble getting along. Milk is spoiled. Toast is always getting burned. Mr. Baconman is fun but bad for you. Waffles can't make up it's mind and cup needs to switch to decafe.


There is a story behind the Whoop-Dee-Do title of my blog. It's a show concept that hasn't been pick up yet. I've worked with Chuck Gammage up in Toronto. He is a great guy and a very talented animation director. Every once in a while there is some interest in it.