Saturday, October 13, 2007


I have a book out which I illustrated. It is called Alpha-Ooops. It was written by the very talented Alethea Kontis. It is a charming little alphabet book in which Z has had it with going last all the time and demands a change.

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Timber said...

Me and my kids absolutely LOVE this book and it has become a weekly Sunday morning tradition to read it together. (We had to move it from a night time book because they just got too amped up and couldn't go to sleep afterwards.)

While repeating books over and over as a parent can be tedious. I honestly look forward to every time your book comes out. And I can repeat EVERY word form memory.

We have traditions for every page. Including "Boinging" every time we see the Kangaroo. Which is just really flailing about the bed. It usually takes us five minutes to get past that one page.

It truly is a wonderful book. And I thought it might make you happy to know that it has had such an indelible and positive effect on our family and our time together.

Thank you and Althea for all the hard work.

PS I see a bunch of stuff I've never seen on your site before too. I've already tapped up Amazon for most of it. But are the beasties from a book or a series of prints or are they just for your own fun?