Thursday, November 1, 2007

storyworks cover

this was done for the cover of storyworks magazine. It's a nice little school magazine put out by Scholastic.


Gina Perry said...

great piece. i really like the limited color palette (and the cat hiding in fear!)

garyfields said...

hey bob,
found your site thru mike adair. love your work! have a bunch of your books. really like the schoolbus and firetruck ones and the dog racers. i assume you're using illustrator on your work(?). your color sense and character designs are super!

bob kolar said...

Thanks Gary,
Your Right, I do use Illustrator. In some of my work where I want texture and a little more feel of the hand, I bring it into Photoshop, but I always start in Illustrator.


bob kolar said...
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