Thursday, April 17, 2008

Our White House

Another book out this fall which I had a little part in. Our White House is a big group project for the National Children's Book and Literacy Alliance. The cover says it was created renowned authors and illustrators. There are a lot of big time creators who contributed to the book. I think they let me in because I was the only one foolish enough to try and draw a portrait of every president.


Elicia Castaldi said...

I am an eternal fan. That is SO cute!!

bob kolar said...

eternal, wow that's a big commitment. :)

mbbarrett said...

Hey Bob!

I am the president and director of the NCBLA ( the crazy group who created Our White House: Looking In, Looking Out!

And I adore your piece, it is one of my favorite illustrations in the book----pure genius---I love all your work-- and your presidential time line is not only superbly designed and wonderfully informative-- it is huge fun!

Thank you so much for gifting us with your talent-- and your time. All of you who contributed went way beyond the call of duty because this involved substantial research, too. You are amazing and I am so thankful you contributed to the book-- and the book is amazing because of you and the many others who believed in this project that connects literacy to historical literacy and encourages civic engagement----we just might change some kids lives and inspire them!!!

With deep respect and gratitude-

Mary Brigid Barrett