Tuesday, June 3, 2008

do you want to play

These spreads are from an older book called Do You Want To Play. It is in a collage, all done the old-fashioned way of Exacto knives and matt medium. It's a style I would like to return to some day.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic work Bob! It looks like a very time consuming process, but with really rich results.

Hobo Divine said...

Bob I love your work.

I have one of your books but it is in Korean.
The reason is because I bought it in Korea!

I will be (hopefully) doing a promo with Chuck for you!
It would be great to chat with you one day.

You make collage look very easy to do, which I know personally IS NOT THE CASE.

(take care)

Chickengirl said...

I totally love this book. I bought it right away when I saw this in the store years ago.

flora said...

I can't imagine all the work cutting those shapes! But it's awesome and is one of my favorite book! :)

ellencrimitrent said...

wow amazing, I recently have been doing some collages of my own but nothing like this! great stuff!