Monday, October 6, 2008

Turbo Dogs

Seeing my name at the beginning of a TV show was pretty cool although I really didn't do anything but the original concept. Kristine Klohk and the production team at CCI Entertainment did an awesome job. I hope a lot of kids will have fun with the show.


mim said...

Nice shots dude! ;)

tinylittlesandra said...

Hey Bob-

Great designs! those cars. I animated on Do You Want To Play, with Jason Condon. Its great to see some of the other stuff you do.

Tracy said...

Wow, these are awesome! :)

Gary Fields said...

These screen grabs look great. What a thrill it must be. Can't wait to see the McDonald's happy meal toys!
Your new book looks great, also. When you get a minute, please email me. I lost your address due to a harddrive issue. Thanks!

C said...

These are great. My 8 year old son just saw these and he loves the cars!

Anonymous said...