Sunday, June 27, 2010


Here are a couple of other sample images. These were done as part of the pre-work for this series, part of romancing the idea to Scholastic. Having pictures to go along with a story idea seems to work best for me.


The Ink House said...

I have stumbled upon a cracker of a blog here. There are so many fantastic illustrations - I LOVE your style!!

coloredsock said...

hey Bob! beautiful work as always! and christy at HH sent us your dump truck book -- we love it. so fun to see. can you email me your email? i have a special request...thanks! jen

Gary Fields said...

Hey Bob,
Congrats on the book! As always, looks awesome. Did you have the book completely written and also include these samples? Continued success!!

c.g.young said...

Absolutely love it!
The style is fantastic..
It's simple and fun; I could
look at this kinda art all day.