Saturday, August 9, 2008

Choices choices

The White House Book spread I did with all of the presidents had a vacant spot for the 44th one. I'm hoping to get my publisher to print up these stickers as a promo for the book.


S. Howard said...

Recently the Washington post published an article on the White House including a compilation of your cartoons of all the presidents. I didn't see the article but my Mom asked me to see if I could track down the compilation as a picture or poster. I assumed the Post's artist compiled the collection from your illustrations for "Our White House". But if the compilation is available, would you mind posting information on how to get it here and I'll check back every so often.


S. Howard said...

I recently bought the book for my Mom and she found the illustration in the back across two pages. Now my question is, is this illustration available separately as a "poster" or whatever?
I'll keep checking back for info.

bob kolar said...

There has been a poster created with the artwork. You can try contacting the publisher, Candlewick Press, about how to get one.

Linus said...

I like the picture in the Our White House book of the presidents. I hope you make another with Obama on the 44th number. And also I wish you could put the names of the presidents on too.