Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Turbo's coming


His Help Mate: said...

Bob, we can't wait to see an episode of Turbo Dogs!

Our boys LOVE "Alpha Oops"! It's their favorite book to read! Most other books get read once and put back in "the pile" but Alpha Oops stays out in our living room. They never get bored with it, which I love because when we say, "let's read Alpha Oops", I know it's a guarantee that they'll sit quietly with me :) They just never get bored of it! My boys love to look at the pictures, find the letter to their name and what their letter is doing. Each page is SO colorful and FULL of action...even my 7 month old can't take his eyes off it!

Oh, and Ryan and I like it to because it's the one time "W" is at the beginning and not the end :) :) :)

G Wheeler

huai ren said...

Hi,nice to meet you. Today I'm so surprised find your blog. Actually i just roughly see through all your artwork! Sorry about that because I have no time to read all. Be honestly, I like your artwork so much. Your artwork has nice colour combination and all character are so cute! Keep it up!

Alethea said...

SWEET!! I can't wait to check it out!

And I am absolutely in love with the Wheeler family now. :::hugs:::

c.g.young said...

great art as always,..
bright colors, fun characters, and a sly bit of adult humor for good measure. Always a treat Bob.


love the McCain, obama piece.
one of a kind.

Gary Fields said...

hey bob,
best of luck with the super fast and way cool turbo dogs. great posting as always. keep inspiring us all!